About Us

Akida Foods Bd, A 360-degree Green Beauty wellbeing eCommerce for Authentic Natural Super Foods & Organic Products with Tailor-made services like clinical nutrition, wellness, yoga, aesthetical dermatology, counseling psychology, etc. It’s a holistic approach for a great life, has commenced their business aiming to connect people with mother nature and ensure healthy conscious living.

Our Messages

Our service providers are super qualified in their respected Domain with & minimum of 5 years of Hands-on Practical experience. We want you to Heal, Healthy by Your body, mind & spirit.
In order to live a healthy natural life and to save our upcoming generation, we have to immediately build a trend of consuming organic food & lead a unique life hence My Organic Bd is staying continuously beside you to make it happen.

100% Priority

“🌱Explore our 100% organic products prioritizing your well-being and the planet. Shop now for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle!”